Connection Refused - end of run w/ Autoscaled Node

I’m getting this warning - warn: Cannot update info for x.x.x.x:3000: connect ECONNREFUSED x.x.x.x:3000

At the very end of the autoscaling node launch (docker-machine create …). WebODM throws an error and fails at roughly the same point. However, the new node has been added to the node list with an [A] indicating it autoscaled. I can then restart processing in WebODM and things appear to work fine up to the final write of results to S3 where I’m getting a permissions failure.

In researching this on the docker side, it looks like the connection refused message might be coming from a mismatch in the docker IP’s of the two containers. A fix is suggested to bind the http server to in the docker call so that listening will occur on all interfaces. Unfortunately, this is another code change which I’m not excited to suggest since everyone else running AWS is apparently successful.

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated!

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For those interested in the S3 “access denied” - to go check the products (, you have to get into the container in the created machine. Do do this, execute ‘docker-machine ssh machine-name’ then list your docker containers and execute ‘sudo docker exec -it container-id /bin/bash’ to get to the directory listing of the container. Then you can dive into it - just to confirm that the container has the results - which it does in my case.

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