Connection Error - Launching Lightning runs through WebODM

Over the last several days, I have consistently received a “Connection Error” message in WebODM when trying to run on Lightning. It stalls out during image upload every time. Any thoughts on how to repair this? or are the servers down?

Thank you in advance.

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Hey @Scott, I’ll look into this. :hand:

We have a status page on, however it doesn’t monitor task upload performance.

How many images are you uploading?

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Just completed a few upload tests and seemed to work OK (connecting from Florida on 50mbit DSL).

Thank you for the link. There have been a range of runs…between 800 and 2700 images. I am thinking it’s a local machine issue…perhaps a Windows update that is causing issues?..

It could be a number of possible causes on the link between your computer and the server. Could be the ISP. Could be the cloud provider hosting the server. Could be your local computer. Or anything in between.

I’m seeing a few entries on our server log that read:

error: Uncaught Exception: Error: read ECONNRESET

Which means the connection is forcibly interrupted. But doesn’t say by who.

I’ll try a few larger uploads.

It’s also a bit strange because we designed the entire system to be able to handle connection errors, so in case of a failed upload, the system pauses for a sec, then tries again.

Are you running WebODM via docker? Is there anything in the application log if you run:

docker logs webodm_webapp (or docker logs webapp)?


docker logs webodm_worker (or docker logs worker)?

Also is there a description next to Connection Error? Like:

Yes, WebODM via Docker. I will check the logs next upload. I have had 300 images sets cause the same issue.

The error message consistently refers to: “max retries exceeded” and “Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused”

Also check that you have sufficient disk space (from the Diagnostic panel of WebODM). Probably not the cause, but worth a check.

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