Connect opendronemap with the external database

Hello Developpers of Opendromemap. i want to use a external database to connect with the opendronemap but i have search everywhere how connect a external database with the docker image but i dont find. How do it with external postgresql database

What are you using the external PostgreSQL database for?

to view how webodm store the data, how the tables of database is organized
and perharps improve the storing by multiple methods

You can connect to the docker database for sure (you need to configure the docker container to forward the appropriate ports and perhaps change the security settings on the postgresql instance), but it might be better to do a native install of WebODM for full transparency and control over database configuration:

but i dont know what file for modified to forward the ports and stoked all informations in my own database. please help me. i have follow each instruction for the native installation but i cant use my own database