Confusion Between Different Installers of WebODM

I am confused about the paid installer and the installer I found in the FAQs section. On the FAQs page, there is an installer found under the question “What’s the difference between WebODM and WebODM Lightning?” How does this installer differ from the paid version?

Also, does the paid installer automatically include local data processing? I liked the Lightning Processor Node, but would prefer a local option.

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The paid version includes lighting.

So you still have to pay for credits for Lightning to use the paid installer? It does not include local processing?

You can process locally or use lightning with the paid version.

I appreciate the answers! Do you still have to install Docker and NodeODM seperately for local processing?

To confirm, this is the installer I am referring to as ‘paid’ Checkout (

No you don’t have to install anything besides WebODM. Although you have the ability to install NodeODM on other computers in a network and connect to them and even use them as a cluster, using them from WebODM that is.

I also recommend “GCP Editor Pro”, it’s worth it. And the book is great even if it’s a bit out of date.

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So we have really three install methods for Windows:

  1. Docker/DIY:
    This allows for local processing, Lightning processing (you will need credits/payment), and clustering
    GitHub - OpenDroneMap/WebODM: User-friendly, commercial-grade software for processing aerial imagery. 🛩
    Local: Yes
    Cloud: Yes
    Clustering: Optional, needs ClusterODM marshaller
    Manual install (docker, other dependencies): Yes

  2. WebODM Lightning Manager:
    This only allows for processing on the WebODM Lightning network and acts as a more feature-rich interface to your account’s dashboard WebUI (Drone & UAV Mapping Software | WebODM).
    Local: No
    Cloud: Yes
    Clustering: No
    Manual install (docker, other dependencies): No

  3. WebODM for Windows Native:
    This installer, as Andreas notes, allows for both local and Lightning processing (you will need credits/payment), but isn’t really designed for clustering.
    Local: Yes
    Cloud: Yes
    Clustering: Possible, not ideal.
    Manual install (docker, other dependencies): No

WebODM Lightning is our cloud processing infrastrucutre and service. When you create your first account, you will be given a number of credits as a means for you to evaluate the service. With your account credentials, you can then link to the WebODM Lightning network from any of the above three installation methods as an extra/optional node (or in the case of #2, the only active node).

Please let me know if this helps or if you need any further clarification!


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