Computer crashing when running Multispectral task

Hi ODM community,
I’ve run tasks on my current computer for orthophotos, 3D, tested a lot of the types (specs below) and haven’t had any issues with the computer suddenly shutting off. It happens after about 2-4 minutes of processing multispectral data with the “multispectral” option selected.
Even with a dataset slimmed down to 76 images it still crashes the computer a couple of minutes in.
I can run datasets of 300+ currently on my setup without error, but not in multispectral.
OS: Win 10 Pro
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: GeForce RTX 2070
Ram: 32 GB DDR4

I would ideally like to run Mavic 3M data through WebODM multispectral. Have read over some of the other members talking about it and know MS is still in the works, but any guidance appreciated here so I can start.
For example I used a dataset previously posted on the forums here for a 150m multispectral mapping
150 meters:
[DJI_202212081149_003_150meters - Google Drive ]
Even if I trim down the number of images drastically it still crashes, is it still a ram issue?

Thank you for any help or guidance!

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Updating to 2.0.1 fixed the crash issues



Glad the update helped. Happy processing!

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Appreciate the welcome, and I’ve seen your help all over the boards through my browsing, so thank you in advance for your work!

Let me know if I should make a new thread, but maybe beginner question.
I’m hoping to hone ODM skills especially in regards to forestry management, agriculture, characterization and analysis for plants. Do any tools come to mind? I typically leverage WebODM plant health or QGIS for vegetation indices.
I’m still getting a grasp on the plugins for WebODM, do any come to mind or somewhere I could browse them?


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Oh, that’s kind of you! Thank you.

Hmm… QGIS, for sure, our Community partner project, FieldImageR:

Currently, the best location for WebODM plugins is right inside WebODM (many disabled by default) in the Admin panel.