Compressions Explained in a little more detail

Can someone please elaborate one what each of these settings do in regards to output?

I used “DEFLATE” compression and I am able to download the GeoTiff RAW file, but every other filetype just says “Downloading” and spins forever. I assume it is trying to compress on the fly, or maybe not at all.

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The best choice for Orthophotos as it will yield the lowest file-size with minimal loss in image quality. Not appropriate for multispectral or DEM products as the compression will change the values of the data.
Legacy lossless compression. Will not perform well unless data repeat a lot and don’t vary much.
Legacy lossless compression. Similar characteristics to LZW but worse compression ratio.
Modern lossless compression (zip file compression). Should yield acceptable compression ratio, wide compatibility (default choice), good performance.
Modern lossless compression (7zip file compression). Should yield better compression than Deflate, more limited compatibility, lower performance.
No compression. Huge files, widest compatibility.

Compression is done on the fly, so your Task Manager should show things working in the background. It can take a bit for sure!

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