Compressing - WebODM hang on


i have issue.
Running WebODM with auto node or on ClusterODM + NodeODM or ClusterODM + 2x NodeODM
at the end the process are always hanging on “Compressing” and stuck, even if i render small project - about 100-150pics.
i have 128GB ram on main machine and 32GB on second, both run on Ubuntu 18.04,
both have 512GB ssd disc, so there is enough ram and disc space.

i tryed restart the project from Orthophoto stage but they nothing helped.

do you have any idea what can i do befor i reinstall both machine? :wink:

ps. what is a dependency after stage:

Adding 0 - odm_georeferencing/odm_georeferenced_model.laz

Pushes complete - joining…

some time time shows only simply "Done!" and then project are finished,
but some times shows:
Done 0

Reawakened: 4534
Saving registry...

Saving metadata...

Index completed in 06:54.

Save complete.
	Points inserted: 82,560,166

Postprocessing: done (•̀ᴗ•́)و!


and then stuck.

Check the webodm worker’s logs.

docker logs worker

Anything suspicious there?


I have the same issue as “machinefly”.

My PC Ram is 32 GB and 500 Gb of storage.

I have already re-run four projects and they always hang on compresing .

Does anyone has a solution to break true.

Best regards.

i solved this issue running NodeODM with parameter

-v /home/user/NodeODM:/var/www/data

where /home/user/NodeODM is folder created by my own
and secondly run WebODM with flag --media-dir /home/user/web

./ --media-dir /home/user/web

and even when the proces hang on ziping then i have easy access to project folder and can zip it and import to WebODM.
maybe it is no pro solution but works for me

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Thanks for the solution but I’m just a rookie in WebODM and I don’t know where to hit those command line in WebODM. So it will be very helpful if you show me some screenshots.