Comparison: Same dataset, WebODM vs Agisoft Metashape

I wanted to see how well a Parrot Anafi Thermal did for mapping jobs. So, I did a quick 100 ft AGL crosshatch flight over a gym that’s being built nearby. The dataset consists of 367 images and burned a single battery to obtain them. I processed the dataset in both Agisoft Metashape 1.6.4 and in WebODM 1.4.2.

The map can be seen on my site: South Campus Gym

Unfortunately, I really don’t have a good means of hosting the tiles from Agisoft Metashape yet. I’m working on that.

Below are the generated models:

It is nearly on par with Metashape, it only lacks the refined edges that are done easily within the Matashape interface. I know edges can be cleaned up in a 3rd party tool, but I’m familiar with the other tools yet.

Agisoft Metashape:


Probably the easiest tool for cleaning up the edges is Meshlab. Plenty of youtube tutorials on how, and pretty straightforward. Thanks for sharing the review!

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Here’s the WebODM model after it has been cleaned up.


Looking great!

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Great job, kconley! We need comparisons like that now and then and yours is timely.

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