Command to create an admin user

Hi everyone,

I know this is a silly question because the answer is in the docs, but I can’t seem to find it at all. What is the command to make a new superuser for WebODM?

Not silly at all: I’m fairly certain it isn’t documented, but if I write something up, can you create a pull request at GitHub - OpenDroneMap/docs: 🎉 Contribute to OpenDroneMap's documentation! Read how below! 🎉 or at least an issue documenting the process under Issues · OpenDroneMap/docs · GitHub?

Go to Administration:Accounts as here:

and add a user if you haven’t already:

Choose username and password, and choose “Save and continue editing”, which is the middle button here:

In the next screen, make the new user Active, Staff, and Superuser:

Now you have a new admin account.

This is assuming you want a second admin account. If you need to reset the admin account, that process is documented here:

I am unclear if this is in, but if it isn’t we should add it there as well.

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