Command Line ODM vs. WebODM Run-time / Speed

Hi All,

I am currently doing some work on setting up command line ODM. I’ve been running via WebODM for quite some time, however when running the same commands via command line, the run time seems to be on the order of 4x as long. Both versions are running locally on the same machine. I suspect it may be a docker RAM or storage allocation?..although these seem to be working fine for WebODM…

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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WebODM resizes the images for you by default (unless you choose otherwise). The command line does not. That’s probably the cause.

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Thank you! It was not set. I will give that a shot asap!


This seems to have solved it, thank you!!!

I also seem to his exit codes (which is think is due to memory) more frequently when using command line. Any idea? Are there other differences in default parameter setting?

Thanks again for your help on this and all the great content in the book and the community!

Yes, if you’re not resizing the images, your memory consumption is going to go up.


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