Combining Drone and 360° Photos with WebODM

Hello everyone,

i’m planning to combine my drone shots with photos from my 360° camera in the hopes to get better 3D models.

Are there any lessons learned or good practices i should follow?

My understanding is that 360° photos would need the camera lense parameter set to “spherical” but drone shots usually use “brown”. How can i approch this issue? As far as i know, i can only choose this parameter for the whole dataset.

Thanks again everyone for this great project!


Stephen has a blog for that!


Thank you Saijin, that’s a very good starting point and a great workaround for now!

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No problem!

Let us know how you get on!

It’s a terrible workaround! But, yes, it is a workaround that works. If you setup your docker environment to mount a local drive, it’s a little less terrible, as at least you don’t need to deal with copying data in and out of docker.

So, I’ll set up webodm without a default node:
./ down && ./ update && ./ restart --default-nodes 0

And then run a NodeODM instance manually with a mounted data directory:
docker run -p 3000:3000 -v /data/node:/var/www/data opendronemap/nodeodm&

edit: You’ll have to manually add the node in the WebODM instance.

And then I can transfer data in and out, modify, etc. easily.

Alternatively, I am currently playing with py360convert, which is quite promising, and allows you to just process the data once.


cool, thank you!

Yes its a workaround but it’s alright for now. If it works for me i think about a little plugin to download the “perspective views” from webodm and then manually merge them with the nadir photos. It would circumvent the docker data digging.


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