ClusterODM with Lightning

Dear all.

Anybody tried ClusterODM with lightning?

I do have a working project with WebODM, ClusterODM on AWS. Is it possible to use lightning and ClusterODM together?

In the best scenario, I want to let it work as:

  • First 2 task processes with lightning.
  • Later tasks process with ClusterODM managed EC2 instance nodeODM

Thank you in advance.

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Kind of, yes, you can add Lightning nodes in ClusterODM, however, ClusterODM will try to send more than 2 tasks to Lightning, if you process 3 tasks, at which point processing will fail. The task router in ClusterODM will not distribute the tasks intelligently to EC2 once you run out of task limits on lightning (it wasn’t designed for this purpose). But it’s open source, so you could hack it…


Thank you for the reply.

In this case, adding the Lightning node in ClusterODM does not have any advantage or usage at all.
Lightning does not queue tasks but return an error. Which makes sense otherwise the lightning service cost would be expensive.
Unfortunately, this project is one of many (*kind of side projects) therefore I am afraid I don’t have time to contribute.

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