ClusterODM with HAHOG, AKAZE, or SIFT

My team and I are experimenting with ClusterODM with different tie-point detections. It comes standard with HAHOG, but we’re testing with AKAZE and SIFT. Interesting stuff, for sure.

We’ve built a version that allows the user to select which to use.


Very cool! :+1:

Did you have to modify ClusterODM?

Can you share modified version with us?

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Maybe. We have to get permission.

Looks like someone added it already. HAHOG and SIFT are already there.

I am aware of this. Obviously you and your team were capable of modifying the software .
The idea was to share your modifications with the community.
What’s your point ?

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@spifftek70 and team are not obliged to share back, except with whomever they let access their version of ClusterODM, since it is licensed under AGPL.

It is always appreciated when the folks who can do so can share back, of course. :smiley:

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Aside from the appreciation (which is nice), it’s economically advantageous for everyone to share. Because there was no sharing:

  • We (ODM devs) duplicated effort by re-implementing a feature that was already implemented (just not shared).
  • @spifftek70 and team now have to spend time merging changes / resolve conflicts, run their own set of tests on their fork and possibly spend time maintaining a different implementation of the feature.

If sharing happens:

  • There’s less duplication of effort (so we have more time to build other features)
  • There’s less cost maintaining forks because they differ less from master and people get free testing and free maintenance upgrades.

It’s a win-win to share. Simple as that. (And sure, it’s nice, too).


Hi @pierotofy I’m no longer with Bayer Crop Science. That code was going to be shared, but that didn’t happen prior to my departure. Unfortunately, I longer have access or permissions to it. Sorry. :frowning:


Darn! Unfortunate indeed. :frowning: