Clusterodm: what are steps to store data from multiple node on server?

I installed ClusterODM and NodeODM on primary and secondary machines. In Cluster ODM, nodes show online. Data gets processed on nodes. I installed MinIO for storing results of split / merge. and from this point on, I feel lost as what to do next. I want to use split / merge and then have merged result but Ah lost. Want to use local server instead of cloud services.

Can anyone guide please?

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What’s the problem you face? Do you already have the local server(s)? Are you getting error messages when you run the processing? Something else?


I will get a server in a week or so. Presently, I am using computer having 8 core processor (3.8 ghz), 132 GB RAM and 10 TB SSD, GPU and a laptop (core i7, 32 GB RAM and 500 GB SSD) on LAN. I get clusterodm interface with nodes online. For testing (fast ortho), I upload images on nodes using split 27 and overlap 50. When I paste http://localhost:10000/ in sm-cluster, the processes fail. If I leave sm-cluster empty, the images get processed but where to get merged orthophoto?

In documentation I couldn’t understand path given in comand as follows : docker run -ti --rm -v /my/project:/datasets/code opendronemap/odm –project-path /datasets --split 800 --split-overlap 120 --sm-cluster http://:3001

For Autoscaling ClusterODM, I installed MinIO (to get S3-compatible bucket) but don’t know how to establish link between ClusterODM and MinIO.

In nutsell, I am unable to get merged results and can’t make S3-compatible bucket work.


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That’s the management port for clusterodm, not the where the api is exposed. Try http://localhost:3000 instead.

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Thanks for helping me grow in enriching ODM community. [http://localhost:3000] worked to process sub-modals and merging the results.
Then tried distributed split-merge but could not succeed. On main computer added another node (a laptop). On main computer’s node uploaded 27 images and set sm-cluster as [http://localhost:3000]: didn’t enter any split value and then on laptop’s node uploaded 12 images and sm-cluster as [http://localhost:3000] without setting split value. both nodes processed images but split-merge did not work. May you please guide?

Have tried both: i) in webODM under one project added two tasks using sm-cluster flag but without giving any split value;
ii) uploaded 400 images on WebODM setting processing node to Auto and using sm-cluster flag with split value at 100. In this case, only one node on main computer gets used.


Any help please!

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I try to run
$ docker run -ti --rm -v /f:/AA opendronemap/odm /f:/AA/100_0009/ --split 100 --split-overlap 150 --sm-cluster
[WARNING] Directory f:/AA/100_0009 does not exist. Creating it now.
[ERROR] There are no images in /f:/AA/100_0009/images! Make sure that your project path and dataset name is correct. The current is set to: /f:/AA/100_0009
Totally lost how get distributed split-merge working!

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