ClusterODM - Stuck "Sending images to processing node"


By reading through the forums I’ve managed to get WebODM + ClusterODM set up and running on my machine, and connected to AWS for automatic spooling, but I’ve stumbled at the last hurdle.

When I create a new job on the cluster node through WebODM it copies the image files into the database, and then sits on “sending images to processing node” indefinitely. This is the point where I’d expect to see ClusterODM try to spool up a EC2 instance, but nothing happens, no errors I can see at all and there is nothing in the UI’s log.

I have the local node from WebODM in the ClusterODM interface and locked as sugested, ClusterODM can reach the S3 bucket as I can see the test.txt document in there.

I can see the cluster’s NodeODM interface on port 3000 and I can see the Cluster interface on port 10000

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am running on Windows 10

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    "provider": "aws",
    "accessKey": "HIDDEN",
    "secretKey": "HIDDEN",
        "endpoint": "",
        "bucket": "webodm"
    "vpc": "",
    "subnet": "",
    "securityGroup": "WebODM",

    "monitoring": false,
    "maxRuntime": -1,
    "maxUploadTime": -1,
    "region": "us-east-2",
    "zone": "a",
    "tags": ["type,clusterodm"],
    "ami": "ami-02f3416038bdb17fb",
    "engineInstallUrl": "\"\"",
    "spot": true,
    "imageSizeMapping": [
        {"maxImages": 40, "slug": "t3a.small", "spotPrice": 0.02, "storage": 60},
        {"maxImages": 80, "slug": "t3a.medium", "spotPrice": 0.04, "storage": 100},
        {"maxImages": 250, "slug": "m5.large", "spotPrice": 0.1, "storage": 160},
        {"maxImages": 500, "slug": "m5.xlarge", "spotPrice": 0.2, "storage": 320},
        {"maxImages": 1500, "slug": "m5.2xlarge", "spotPrice": 0.4, "storage": 640},
        {"maxImages": 2500, "slug": "r5.2xlarge", "spotPrice": 0.6, "storage": 1200},
        {"maxImages": 3500, "slug": "r5.4xlarge", "spotPrice": 1.1, "storage": 2000},
        {"maxImages": 5000, "slug": "r5.4xlarge", "spotPrice": 1.1, "storage": 2500}

    "addSwap": 1,
    "dockerImage": "opendronemap/nodeodm"
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