ClusterODM setup; Telnet does not accept input ("#> INVALID")


Preface - I’m attempting the ClusterODM setup and have enabled Telnet on Windows 10 via Git Bash (ran as admin) ‘$ pkgmgr /iu:“TelnetClient”’ (and later second-attempted by turning off and on again Telnet Client in Control Panel’s ‘Turn Windows features on or off’).

Problem -When connecting my NodeODM node to ClusterODM by first typing the ‘$ telnet localhost 8080’ step in the docker terminal, the window changes and the top of the new terminal’s frame reads:


and the start up text reads:

"Welcome ::ffff: ClusterODM:1.4.0
HELP for help
QUIT to quit
#> "

When I type any key the terminal immediately runs it and returns the key character + INVALID. Telnet is effectively rejecting anything I type, such as when I type out the word ‘quit’:

Plea for Help - Currently, this is my roadblock to adding a NodeODM node to ClusterODM. Is there something in the ODM documentation that I forgot to set up properly, which might be preventing Telnet from functioning properly? Is there something obvious outside of documentation to fix before proceeding? Eventually I want my laptop to help my desktop work through projects with split-merge, but I cannot even connect the NodeODM node on my desktop to connect to ClusterODM on the same computer yet. I’ve perused the community and didn’t find posts for such Telnet issues yet. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Try using as a telnet client instead, see if that works better.

Just came here to say that I had the same issue on Windows 10 Pro, and Putty fixed my issue.