ClusterODM settings and multiple jobs

Hi All,

I have a few NodeODM instances set up and connected to a ClusterODM instance. WebODM sits in front and all seems happy. But when I send more than one job to the ClusterODM instance, it queues the second job rather than sending on to one of my 4 other nodes. Is there some configuration I am missing?

Mm, ClusterODM will try to forward the job to the first node that is both available (online) and capable of processing the number of images for the job. I can think of a scenario in which the job would be sent to the same node over and over, which is when upload to a node fails, ClusterODM will send it to another.

Make sure the connectivity between ClusterODM and NodeODM instances is reliable.

Also check the ClusterODM logs (or increase the verbosity of the log via the appropriate command line args) for warning signs.