ClusterODM/NodeODM local data storage

We are using ClusterODM on a modest cluster (6 nodes). The head node runs only ClusterODM and connects to NodeODM running on the other 5 compute nodes. Currently, the compute nodes slowly accumulate data as they process assemblies. I would prefer that these nodes do not store persistent data, as they have reletively small HDDs. All our assemblies seem to be stored correctly by WebODM, so the data on the compute nodes is not important at all. Any ideas?

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You can set a shorter --cleanup_tasks_after value when starting your nodes: NodeODM/config.js at master · OpenDroneMap/NodeODM · GitHub

Set it to a reasonable value > 0, setting it to zero will not give WebODM time to download the results.


Thank you! I must have missed this option, this is exactly what I need.

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