Cluster Processing on Single Node Only


I was successfully able to set up a cluster in the following way -

WebODM <---> ClusterODM <---> NodeODM1
                        <---> NodeODM2

However, when I set up a task and set the ClusterODM node as the processing node, the task gets routed to NodeODM2 only.

NodeODM 1 does not get utilized as far as I can make out.

The details of my task are as follows - I have 150 images and I’ve set split to 75 images with a split-overlap of 50m.

  1. How can I better understand the utilization of the cluster? What outputs would I look at to make sure my cluster is behaving as expected?
  2. How can I split my data over both nodes in parallel as opposed to the current scenario with all the work going to a single node?

I can attach whatever logs are required.

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Easy, you should check for the ports you used and exposed for the cluster odm and the nodeodm on the first machine. The external docker ports need to be different. They are normally 3000 for both.
So kill the cluster odm and use 4000:3000 instead of 3000:3000 in the start parameter of the container. Then add the clusterip:4000 to the nodes. Next point is to set every node with 30-75 images to take advantage of the 2 servers.


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