CloudOdm progress

Hi everyone.
I have implemented CloudOdm on my server to send images to process.

I execute a code like this:
odm -q -o /images-output /images

But it starts to work and I have no way to know when will it finish.
Without the -q (quiet) option it shows a lot of progress information, but nothing gives me a clue of when it will finish.

Does anyone knows if is there a way to know (in time, bytes or percentage… or whatever) when the task will finish?

Thanks a lot!

There’s no time estimate available. When the odm program exits, processing has completed (or has failed). The NodeODM API does have some barebone “progress” values that can be queried, but they are approximations (and are currently not used/displayed by CloudODM).

Thanks @pierotofy
Maybe I could estimate the finish time using older conversions?.. I mean if a 100 images task was converted in 30 minutes, I could show a proportional estimated time?..
Unless the server takes different conversion times according to the load it has (today the 100 images takes 30 minutes, and tomorrow takes 1 hour and the day after tomorrow it takes 15 minutes and so on).
Do you have that information?.. or maybe an estimated conversion range?

Unfortunately I don’t have estimates (the information would be implemented in the codebase if I knew of a way). :frowning:

Just to comment, in case it would be useful to anyone else.
I stored the start and finish time in my database. I also save the amount of images processed, and each time I start a new process, I take an average time using that information.