Clipping or trim not working

I am trying to do clipping/trim my work space model. but seems not working but I can see any some video tutorial is possible but I am not able to figured it out, how to do.
Anyone help?

I am having the same issue - clipping doesn’t work. I’m running successfully under Windows and have tried Firefox and Edge - but clipping doesn’t do anything. Measurements etc are OK. Here’s a Youtube tutorial showing how clipping should work - around 12 minutes in: How to use WebODM: Part 2 - YouTube

Does it work for anyone?

Update - I have managed to make clipping work by setting Textured Model to off. When I select Show Textured Model the clipping disappears. Is this how it is meant to work? I would really like to clip my final Textured Model.

Yes, I believe it is currently working as designed.

Yes I can clip without Textured Model but after the cut, when Textured Model turned on no more clipped area but full work space…

Clipping function also not running well here (WebODM, Windows 10 computer, all updated to the last version). The same issue as commented by D0rmouse.
Any idea? Thanks