Click on a spot and show the elevation

Hello. I saw this thread for the first time today. I wonder if there is recent discussion that I may have missed about reviving this very valid need. To be most direct, My head is about to pop after spending the past eighteen months learning so much technically to be an effective and reliable service provider. I would love and appreciate abilities like the original request of this thread.
To go a step forward, I would like very much to know if some type of a tool, much like a spot meter in Flir Tools could be added to this feature. Click on a spot and show the elevation and maybe other characteristics.
Thanks to anyone who makes effort. I will also be more than happy to make a contribution to directly support the development.



Thanks for the feature request.

Have you used the Information tool in QGIS? Does this operate similarly?

No I have not tried the information tool in QGIS. I will have a look, thanks for the tip.

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