Cleaning files, optimizing server space, cleaning cache

Hi, the amount of space used on my server jumps around a lot and I wanted to know if there was a command to clean out any unused images after completing a project (for example the original uploaded images, or anything cached for the web browser use).
I’ve seen the space jump from 30GB to 80GB and then back down again, but can’t figure out how to manually control this, any help would be great as I’m trying to optimize my AWS instances.

Are you running with docker or no?

nope, server native build (piero’s script) on AWS instance ubuntu 16.04

WebODM then I assume. This is a question for @pierotofy.

WebODM/NodeODM will already clear anything that is not used within 2 days. You could remove the images if you don’t plan to restart the task at a later date from the app/media directory, but WebODM keeps those because a user could restart a task in the future.

Also, we might use those images in a future release of the software to provide features such as thumbnail display and camera position visualization.