Clean up memory (cache?) after processing on NodeODM on Docker

Hi everyone, I use NodeODM through Docker on my pc and once the processing of a project is finished I download the .zip archive with the processed files and save it on my hard disk. I saw that at the end of the project elaboration the available space on the computer hard disk has decreased a lot, sometimes it is completely full.
How do I delete the files that ODM or Docker creates during processing?
it would seem that it is necessary to clear the ODM or Docker cache, but I have no idea how to do it, can someone help me?

Thanks a lot in advance for your availability :slight_smile:

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This is a real challenge with docker. See the recommendations here:

which just point to

Which tells you in general terms how to clean up docker. You could issue a ./ down and then follow those steps, but it would reset everything including your login.

@pierotofy – is there a less nuclear level of cleanup you could recommend?

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I found this was helpful

docker system prune


first of all thank you all. I found the Docker documentation linked by “gast” very useful. Using the $sudo docker system prune command, I was able to quickly free up a lot of space without losing data. Reading more carefully the documentation I also used the --volume and --all options with which I managed to recover tens of GB of storage space. The only flaw is that I lost all the data, and that to make WebODM work I had to run again $ sudo ./ start, as if I had to reinstall WebODM again.

Yes. I have done the same with the prune command. :smiley:


It’s in @pierotofy 's book … :grinning: