CJ says Hi!

Hi Everyone! :slight_smile:

I started my own drone photogrammetry business, UAmetry, LLC, last year here in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA. To get it off the ground, I purchased a DJI Phantom 4 RTK with the D-RTK2 base station. Having been laid off from corporate America, I decided to get into drones and not go back. So far, it’s been an exciting ride.

I first started using WebODM last year and used it to get familiar with the workflow from start to finish. I want to utilize WebODM primarily to generate deliverables for the construction industry.

I’m working on figuring out how to tweak the options to get the best orthos & models possible. I’m open to meeting new people and hopefully collaborate on new challenges.



Nice to meet you and welcome, CJ.

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Hi @smathermather,
Thanks and it’s nice to meet you as well.

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Hey @uametry :hand: welcome!!

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(waves from Cleveland)
Hello and welcome! I highly recommend the DroneTo1K podcast for anyone starting a drone business. Lots of great interviews, practical advice, and real talk about $$. I’ve tried a bunch, and that one is my favorite.

:wave: Hi and thanks, @coreysnipes!
I greatly appreciate it.

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