Childhood Home in NIR

Dataset URL (Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub…):
Number of images: 767
Size in MB: 4003 MB, or 3.91 GB
EXIF GPS (yes/no): Yes
GCP (yes/no): No
RTK (yes/no): No

This dataset is quite large and requires a decent machine to process. It was taken using a DJI Matrice 100 with an X3 NIR camera gimbal. OpenDroneMap really hates this imagery presumably because of the lack of color variation outside of the red band. So far I have been unable to process this dataset even with a min-num-features of 500000. Give it a shot and see what happens.

This flight was done manually without the help of an autopilot. I cannot guarantee overlap values of any sort.

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This is great @RyanF! We are actually actively looking for NIR datasets as multi spectral support is up in the priority list, so thank you for sharing it!

This is great. I am a student at Purdue working on finishing my degree in Unmanned Aerial Systems, so I have access to some of the fun cameras. I’ll discuss with my research team the possibility of sharing a bunch of imagery from the various platforms currently in our fleet.

Some of our systems:
C-Astral Bramor PPX

  • PPK enabled fixed wing aerial platform with a Sony A8000 RGB
  • Micasense Altum Multispectral sensor can be interchanged with A8000

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

  • DJI X5 RGB gimbal
  • Will likely be carrying the Altum in future flights

Yuneec Typhoon H

  • Standard RGB sensor

My personal DJI Matrice 100

  • Came from the DJI “Smart Farmers bundle”
  • Carries either an X3 RGB or X3 NIR gimbal sensor
  • Will also be carrying a Micasense Red Edge Multispectral camera at the same time as the X3 RGB camera

We have a pretty decent fleet and a large project coming up that will require us to gather a lot of data with all of our sensors and platforms. Our initial tests are showing that the Altum is kind of useless though because it can’t trigger fast enough and has an extremely narrow field of view. It only really works if you stick it right at that 400 ft limit and don’t deviate from it.

I just realized I didn’t set the link to share to everyone. Link updated!


I just wanted to make a small update on the sharing of datasets we gather during our research. I have received permission to share any and all datasets we capture in the field using any of our sensors. Over the coming weeks and months you can expect more datasets to appear as we conduct more flights. They will end up in a Google Drive or other cloud account where anyone can download them for their own experimentation so long as credit is given to the Purdue University Unmanned Aerial Systems Program.


Awesome. Those will be great for testing and exploration.

FYI folks, here’s the trace. @RyanF, I’d definitely recommend using one of the flight planning apps, like AeroRanger or Pix4Dcapture.

Yes, I really should be flying auto but Pix4D Capture wasn’t wanting to work that day. Given the choice between missing an opportunity for data collection or getting some weird flight paths, I chose the former. I know some of my manual flights I’ve done like this came out just fine in the past, so it should at least get us something. I think I have a dataset from that location that was flown in auto but I’ll have to see.

@RyanF - I’ve managed to process a subset of your images chosen by hand / eye using the master branch of ODM as of April 23rd. I took out images which were obviously ‘off nadir’ and badly oriented and otherwise used the default settings.

Here’s the hillshaded DSM, and the list of files used is below. It’s a good start, I think?

Files used

DJI_0024.JPG DJI_0061.JPG DJI_0097.JPG DJI_0133.JPG DJI_0169.JPG DJI_0205.JPG DJI_0241.JPG DJI_0277.JPG
DJI_0026.JPG DJI_0062.JPG DJI_0098.JPG DJI_0134.JPG DJI_0170.JPG DJI_0206.JPG DJI_0242.JPG DJI_0278.JPG
DJI_0027.JPG DJI_0063.JPG DJI_0099.JPG DJI_0135.JPG DJI_0171.JPG DJI_0207.JPG DJI_0243.JPG DJI_0279.JPG
DJI_0028.JPG DJI_0064.JPG DJI_0100.JPG DJI_0136.JPG DJI_0172.JPG DJI_0208.JPG DJI_0244.JPG DJI_0280.JPG
DJI_0029.JPG DJI_0065.JPG DJI_0101.JPG DJI_0137.JPG DJI_0173.JPG DJI_0209.JPG DJI_0245.JPG DJI_0281.JPG
DJI_0030.JPG DJI_0066.JPG DJI_0102.JPG DJI_0138.JPG DJI_0174.JPG DJI_0210.JPG DJI_0246.JPG DJI_0282.JPG
DJI_0031.JPG DJI_0067.JPG DJI_0103.JPG DJI_0139.JPG DJI_0175.JPG DJI_0211.JPG DJI_0247.JPG DJI_0283.JPG
DJI_0032.JPG DJI_0068.JPG DJI_0104.JPG DJI_0140.JPG DJI_0176.JPG DJI_0212.JPG DJI_0248.JPG DJI_0284.JPG
DJI_0033.JPG DJI_0069.JPG DJI_0105.JPG DJI_0141.JPG DJI_0177.JPG DJI_0213.JPG DJI_0249.JPG DJI_0285.JPG
DJI_0034.JPG DJI_0070.JPG DJI_0106.JPG DJI_0142.JPG DJI_0178.JPG DJI_0214.JPG DJI_0250.JPG DJI_0286.JPG
DJI_0035.JPG DJI_0071.JPG DJI_0107.JPG DJI_0143.JPG DJI_0179.JPG DJI_0215.JPG DJI_0251.JPG DJI_0287.JPG
DJI_0036.JPG DJI_0072.JPG DJI_0108.JPG DJI_0144.JPG DJI_0180.JPG DJI_0216.JPG DJI_0252.JPG DJI_0288.JPG
DJI_0037.JPG DJI_0073.JPG DJI_0109.JPG DJI_0145.JPG DJI_0181.JPG DJI_0217.JPG DJI_0253.JPG DJI_0289.JPG
DJI_0038.JPG DJI_0074.JPG DJI_0110.JPG DJI_0146.JPG DJI_0182.JPG DJI_0218.JPG DJI_0254.JPG DJI_0290.JPG
DJI_0039.JPG DJI_0075.JPG DJI_0111.JPG DJI_0147.JPG DJI_0183.JPG DJI_0219.JPG DJI_0255.JPG DJI_0291.JPG
DJI_0040.JPG DJI_0076.JPG DJI_0112.JPG DJI_0148.JPG DJI_0184.JPG DJI_0220.JPG DJI_0256.JPG DJI_0292.JPG
DJI_0041.JPG DJI_0077.JPG DJI_0113.JPG DJI_0149.JPG DJI_0185.JPG DJI_0221.JPG DJI_0257.JPG DJI_0293.JPG
DJI_0042.JPG DJI_0078.JPG DJI_0114.JPG DJI_0150.JPG DJI_0186.JPG DJI_0222.JPG DJI_0258.JPG DJI_0294.JPG
DJI_0043.JPG DJI_0079.JPG DJI_0115.JPG DJI_0151.JPG DJI_0187.JPG DJI_0223.JPG DJI_0259.JPG DJI_0295.JPG
DJI_0044.JPG DJI_0080.JPG DJI_0116.JPG DJI_0152.JPG DJI_0188.JPG DJI_0224.JPG DJI_0260.JPG DJI_0296.JPG
DJI_0045.JPG DJI_0081.JPG DJI_0117.JPG DJI_0153.JPG DJI_0189.JPG DJI_0225.JPG DJI_0261.JPG DJI_0297.JPG
DJI_0046.JPG DJI_0082.JPG DJI_0118.JPG DJI_0154.JPG DJI_0190.JPG DJI_0226.JPG DJI_0262.JPG DJI_0298.JPG
DJI_0047.JPG DJI_0083.JPG DJI_0119.JPG DJI_0155.JPG DJI_0191.JPG DJI_0227.JPG DJI_0263.JPG DJI_0299.JPG
DJI_0048.JPG DJI_0084.JPG DJI_0120.JPG DJI_0156.JPG DJI_0192.JPG DJI_0228.JPG DJI_0264.JPG DJI_0300.JPG
DJI_0049.JPG DJI_0085.JPG DJI_0121.JPG DJI_0157.JPG DJI_0193.JPG DJI_0229.JPG DJI_0265.JPG DJI_0301.JPG
DJI_0050.JPG DJI_0086.JPG DJI_0122.JPG DJI_0158.JPG DJI_0194.JPG DJI_0230.JPG DJI_0266.JPG DJI_0302.JPG
DJI_0051.JPG DJI_0087.JPG DJI_0123.JPG DJI_0159.JPG DJI_0195.JPG DJI_0231.JPG DJI_0267.JPG DJI_0303.JPG
DJI_0052.JPG DJI_0088.JPG DJI_0124.JPG DJI_0160.JPG DJI_0196.JPG DJI_0232.JPG DJI_0268.JPG DJI_0304.JPG
DJI_0053.JPG DJI_0089.JPG DJI_0125.JPG DJI_0161.JPG DJI_0197.JPG DJI_0233.JPG DJI_0269.JPG DJI_0305.JPG
DJI_0054.JPG DJI_0090.JPG DJI_0126.JPG DJI_0162.JPG DJI_0198.JPG DJI_0234.JPG DJI_0270.JPG DJI_0306.JPG
DJI_0055.JPG DJI_0091.JPG DJI_0127.JPG DJI_0163.JPG DJI_0199.JPG DJI_0235.JPG DJI_0271.JPG
DJI_0056.JPG DJI_0092.JPG DJI_0128.JPG DJI_0164.JPG DJI_0200.JPG DJI_0236.JPG DJI_0272.JPG
DJI_0057.JPG DJI_0093.JPG DJI_0129.JPG DJI_0165.JPG DJI_0201.JPG DJI_0237.JPG DJI_0273.JPG
DJI_0058.JPG DJI_0094.JPG DJI_0130.JPG DJI_0166.JPG DJI_0202.JPG DJI_0238.JPG DJI_0274.JPG
DJI_0059.JPG DJI_0095.JPG DJI_0131.JPG DJI_0167.JPG DJI_0203.JPG DJI_0239.JPG DJI_0275.JPG
DJI_0060.JPG DJI_0096.JPG DJI_0132.JPG DJI_0168.JPG DJI_0204.JPG DJI_0240.JPG DJI_0276.JPG

That is definitely looking better than my earlier processing attempts. I haven’t reattempted processing the dataset since I originally posted it, so at least we now know it can be used to create something.

This really wasn’t a good flight in my opinion as I was doing everything manually. In the future my datasets will be a lot cleaner and shouldn’t need cleaning of the images.