Checkpoints vs Ground Control Points

I searched and found about 1 post per year but nothing recent.
The repeat question is “does odm support checkpoints yet?”
but, for more background
Am I correct to understand that
GCP= GPS device reading at the physical location
CHP= Surveyor Coordinates at the physical location

GCP uses gps coords to help the stitching process.
CHP uses (fill in the blank) coords to help geolocate the final product.

It seems CHP’s can be used as GCP’s, but GCP’s cannot be classified as CHP’s.

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Always fun when words are not always stably defined :rofl:.

Your understanding of GCPs matches mine.

We differ on Checkpoints in that my understanding states they are used purely for statistical validation, and they may be GPS, survey, or other known-location points where their location is compared to their reconstruction location.


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