Checking EXIF Data / GNSS Position is fairly right

What would you recommend to check if the EXIF Data on a bigger set of Photos is fairly correct ?

I’ve read sometimes the GPS/GNSS Data of 1 Photo or so in a set can be way off during some kind of failure. What would you recommend to check the exif data in a bigger set of photos (couple hundred or so) ? is there some kind of programm to just show the locations of the Photos on a map ? (tried google erth or qgis but either i am not doing it right or this is extremly time consuming.


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With recent versions of QGIS, you can use the Import Geotagged Images processing tool to plot the images on the map as centroids.

You can also easily view them (with the flight path!) and other sUAS data using our DroneDB Desktop tool.

If you are on Linux, you can also use GeoTagging or GPSCorrelate

I used to use GeoSetter on Windows, as well.