Check if proccess is running

From @muriloazevedo on Thu Mar 22 2018 13:52:12 GMT+0000 (UTC)

I started the process yesterday is running without errors like the image below

But I don’t know if what step it’s running and any estimative of the whole proccess. Is there any guide to explane what’s ODM doing?


Copied from original issue: Check if proccess is running · Issue #789 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub

From @yjmenezes on Thu Mar 22 2018 14:41:43 GMT+0000 (UTC)


you can run the pipeline step by step.

and measure every step.
time ./ …

your screenshot shows it is running first pipeline step: bin/opensfm

From @dakotabenjamin on Tue Mar 27 2018 17:06:59 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Yes, currently it’s a “go get some coffee and wait” kind of deal. We have heard a lot of requests for better progress reporting so it’s certainly on the backlog.