Changing Port from 8000 to 80


I have WebODM installed on a AWS Server running Ubuntu 18.04, i’m going crazy trying to figure out how to change the default port from 8000 to 80. I currently have to share my url like (www.websitename:8000) and I want to remove the :8000 by changing it to 80. Is there any detailed page where I can find this information? I’ve ran a few commands that I’ve seen recommended but it says command can’t be found. Please help. Thank you!

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./ restart --port 80


Thank you for the quick reply Piero! I ran the command and it changed my port from 8000 to 80.
Now when I try to reach my website it won’t connect and the previous www.websitename:8000 obviously won’t work now. Any ideas what else I need to do? I greatly appreciate your help!

Using the following environment:

Host: localhost
Port: 80
Media directory: appmedia
SSL key:
SSL certificate:
SSL insecure port redirect: 80
Celery Broker: redis://broker
Default Nodes: 1

Hi Piero, figured out why I couldn’t access the site. Thank you so much for your help!


See this thread here too if/when you want https:



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