Change WebODM Coordinate System

Hello, I have a docker installation of WebODM that I have been using for a while now. I noticed that all outputs of WebODM are in UTM coordinates.
I would like to convert this to another coordinate system that I use in my drone application. Is it possible to do this say by changing the EPSG code to another value perhaps? And if so, do I have to run a local instance of ODM instead of the official docker image from Docker hub. Kindly assist.

No, not at present. We export all products in the most appropriate local UTM CRS (unless it’s something that doesn’t support CRSs like GeoJSON or KML which must always be EPSG:4326).

You’d need to reproject/warp using GDAL/QGIS or something similar if it must be in an arbitrary CRS.

[email protected] for the reply. This can’t be done even in the code of either ODM or WebODM? Or will it break many of the other features?

I suppose anything can be done if you modify the source code. But at present, I’m not sure we’re tracking this too closely. If I’m not mistaken, it’d require some rearchitecturing and brining in some other libraries and dependencies.

Okay, thanks a lot for your response. I think I’ll just use WebODM as is and do the coordinate conversion externally in another software like Qgis. The modification of the source code sounds risky, and I’m also not sure where exactly to edit the code. Thanks.

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If memory serves me, there is some work that has been done in OpenSfM to improve coordinate system support, but that will need updates and surfaced appropriately in ODM. So: it’s possible, and it’s much easier than it would have been before the changes to OpenSfM, but AFAIK, it isn’t on anyone’s work plan yet.

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A projection is normally flat so why not just take the input gcp-list and reference to the given coordinates and slap on the EPSG code from the gcp-list?

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