Change volume on Ubuntu server

Is it possible to change the destination volume when installing WebODM server on Ubuntu 16.04, when running
bash ?


Hi @srogerio, currently the installer uses /webodm as the destination and cannot be changed. With that said, after the installation you could try to rename /webodm to /webodm.tmp, mount a volume to /webodm and move the files from /webodm.tmp to /webodm (making sure that permissions are preserved and that they belong to the odm:odm user:group). I’ve never tried it, but I think it should work?

Hi @pierotofy, thanks for your input.
The solution was to abandon WebODM and run ODM native on a bigger volume, since my project has 4890 images.
I’m on this project since my first message, without having complete processing it.
Since last Saturday I’m running ODM on a Droplet with 192GB RAM and 32vCPU and I’ve stumbled on an error that I cannot fix.
I’ll open a new thread for it: “Exception: Child returned 139” when “Running georeferencing with OpenSfM transformation matrix”