Change to English units

I’ve been having a blast with ODM but can’t seem to find out how to change the units from metric to English when I am using the tools for distance and area… Where might this be done??



Not available yet!

ok, surprising but ok! Thanks for the quick answer. :slight_smile: It’s been getting great updates, so I am not worried. :slight_smile:

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My excuse is that everyone except us USA folk use metric :wink:

For real though, Piero has that on his list for an update that is in progress and should be coming soon™️.

You should be able to adjust products to a US Unit CRS in QGIS if needed.

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I actually prefer metric over English but I am sure many customers don’t… :frowning: Looking forward to the update! The latest update I pulled down fixed a big problem I had in the spring… back then a set of images from my drone that were low angle shots showing the horizon, were including that in the model… It was throwing off the scale of the house that I was actually modelling… the new setting that is no available excludes those far away objects… result is a great model now. :slight_smile:

So I am confident of the updates coming along!


Glad to hear it!

Are you talking about --auto-boundary? If so, I agree, it is great! I have seen it save a number of datasets that Out-Of-Memory or otherwise crash, and yes, it can help clean up reconstruction.

Even more fun is the --boundary option which takes a GeoJSON polygon.

I’m writing up the documentation for these new features now.


yes the Auto Boundary, works awesome!

I personally would love to see another tool on the Webpage that is simply another drawing tool that allows you to draw a square and extrude it up to form a bounding box. It works this way in RealityCapture and its a great tool… From what I read for ODM, people have gone out to QGIS, drawn a rectangle over the area to mask, export it and then import to ODM to utilize as a mask… Too many steps… There are those other great tools on the page, another bounding box tool would really be a HUGE help. I know its never as simple as just adding a new control on the UI… but this would be a big deal for workflow.



Glad it worked well for you!

Yes, an in-app method for setting the boundary would be a much more streamlined workflow.

I have the feedback on the list!

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