Change location for the VM/disk.vmdk

Hello, I hope I post this on the correct forum.

I am new to opendronemap/webodm and have som questions.

I have done some tests with example datasets from this site. The problem is that my c: [this seems to be the default location] is running out of space.

I would like to change the location [to a larger HD] on my VM for the processed task I am running on the WEBODM, but I am failing to do so.

I am on windows 10, virtualbox 5.2, docker toolbox.

Can anybody help me with this.

Regards Mattias

Is this not possible?

Posted in the wrong forum?


Hey @mattias, it’s possible, this link should help:

Thank you!


@pierotofy - It seems that the change of location for the VM worked, but it has caused a problem I have not previously noted.

When WEBODM process a data set, it will as usual come to this point:

Post Processing: Done (• ᴗ •) و!

Unfortunately, application seems to continue running and does not end, no map is presented. What could be the problem?

Having the same issue but mine does it when I use GCP points.
Any luck finding the issue or a work around