Change Default IP Address ( Windows

I want to access via Web to WebODM from other computer of my Windows Server where is installed WebODM.

I tried change in docker but I see no active host found and Virtual ToolBox has the WebDOM aborted but all is working well. I just did the installation.

Any idea to change the IP address of WebODM???


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I don’t think you can change the IP address of the virtual machine (VirtualBox).

Have you tried to follow the instructions here? Access WebODM from another computer

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I did and it is fine but now What is the way to get WebODM from a browser on other computer? My LAN range is 172.16.0.X

Try your normal PC IP address. So if your address is then you would go to the following address:

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I am trying from two differents computer in the same LAN and the browser doesn´t reach any web with And in the same time I have on the browser server open WebODM with address: working well.

Real data:
Windows Server 2012 with WebODM.
Computer 1.
Computer 2.

Also I tried internat natting but doesn`t work.

Is there a firewall configured on the server?


OMG!! Thanks again Piero!! that was the last problem, the f…ing Firewall. Right now all is working!!

Many thanks to all of you!!! I will try to contribute to this great community!! :heart_eyes:


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