Certificate has expired

Hi. When checking for updates for WebODM 1.9.11, I am getting ‘certificate has expired…’ .
I see there have been a few posts on the subject. Are there any solutions at the moment?

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Can you please verify that your machine’s time/date are exactly as they should be? Part of security certificate verification is having an accurate machine time.

Are you checking for updates from within WebODM for Windows native? It should be working as I just upgraded my personal version via Check For Updates and did not recieve a certificate error.

If it is giving you trouble, please reach out to [email protected] with your order confirmation email so I can generate a new direct download link for you.

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I installed Build 55 yesterday with no expired certificate messages.

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Thanks Saijin. Time and date on the machine (Win 11) are correct. I went through WebODM-tools-check for updates. Unfortunately I did not keep the order confirmation email (at least it is not turning up in a search). I will pm with my emails in the hope you have a record. Otherwise I will repurchase. Thanks for your quick response.

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Oh no, we’re not having you repurchase.

We’ll get it sorted :slight_smile: Just bear with me while we work it out!

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Thanks Saijin.


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