Cemetery Mapping

I am looking to get high-resolution imagery of a local cemetery and am looking for the tool for the job. My hope is to use drone footage to stitch together a detailed map and then add details for all of the headstones. Is this feasible with OpenDroneMap? And how is OpenAerialMap different?

Sorry for the noob questions.

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Hi @KennyStier61,

Great questions. The purpose of the OpenDroneMap toolset is to help people process imagery into map products, in your use case drone images --> orthophoto of the cemetery.

OpenAerialMap is complementary: it is intended as a platform for sharing imagery, from drone imagery to satellite imagery.

I hope this helps. This is a very interesting use case!

Welcome! Yes, OpenDroneMap would be a good tool for creating your final image. You’ll also want to look into flight planning software such as MapsMadeEasy or DroneDeploy to plan and execute the actual flight and capture images (there are many options for this). Do you have a specific type of drone in mind?

I’ll likely be using the DJI Mavic Pro.

Once I have the map layer created on OpenDroneMap, I am hoping to import the footage into my own custom OpenStreetMap/Mapbox and mark all of the headstones that way. Are there any good resources for this, or does anyone have any experience trying this?

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WebODM has an OSM Digitize button once you have an orthophoto: