Cell Tower - Mavic 2 Pro

Dataset URL (Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub…): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eEBpI958EPNhnvAii4Q2Vf2jy12tf-pk/view?usp=sharing
Number of images: 384
Size in MB: 3480 MB
EXIF GPS (yes/no): yes
GCP (yes/no): no
RTK (yes/no): no


This is a test flight of a cell tower (lattice/self-support tower) for the purpose of 3D modelling. I realize the lighting conditions are not ideal, but in our defense this was our 2nd flight and we’re still learning :joy:

We used this guide from Pix4D for our flight plans. This particular dataset includes 6 “orbit” missions (2 for each antenna nest - above & below), and 1 “cylinder” mission consisting of 8 vertical paths around the tower.


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