Cathédrale Albi France TEST with GE Studio

Hello or good evening to all depending on where in the world we are …

I came across a software which is a little known, well not for me since yesterday!

it’s the one we use a lot to do missions with our drones. you see in the photos

In short, it piqued my curiosity and I did 2 tests that I had through webodm.

error code 1, on the first one (450 photos)

for info I’m currently trying to redo the 450 photos

I repeat it is a test, it’s the same

thank you for your opinion

Good evening


i will try to put on google drive a link !!!

for info, I have a mac 3GHZ 6 Hearts I allocated
CPU '3)
64 GB in all and 25 GB on docker

1.5 GB swap

disk image 80 GB

I’m sure it’s not the “right dose”

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Allocate more RAM!

Can you give it maybe 56GB or so?

as much ! ?

ok, i will try

I was wondering, in fact, if someone has already done a test with this software, while waiting for me to give you the photos?

Thank you all

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the rendering on 300 textured 3D photos is a bit rubbish!
here it is the place of the capitol of Toulouse in France

Uploading: place du capitole Toulouse 301 photos.jpeg…

we see that there is a problem here …

for 301 photos, webodm “took” 27mn and 18 seconds and for the other project, it’s buggy, 15mn 32 and see the running bar, it works but it lags!


I spent the ram at 40 GB and I still have the message process exited with code 1, I’m trying to send you the link of the 450 photos today

Thank you


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