Capture devices

just wondering if its possible to combine different capture devices in the same project,
phanton 4 and a mobile phone samsung s9+

i plan to fly a drone round the monument, but when i comes to the inside of the arch, i figured it may be safer to use a phone instead,
plus i can point the phone camera to the arch roof, and the phone has a flash


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Yes, you can use multiple devices.

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Please , share your results.

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do the images need to be named a specific way so they all match, or just place them all in the same folder

what other handheld cameras are known to work well

Yes, there’s only one caveat (and it’s a subtle one): you can only use one camera type. What this means is, for example you can’t combine a 360 camera with drone image from a typical camera.

But usually, it just works – no special naming. But I would recommend whatever you are using for your images on the ground that they be geotagged just like drone imagery.

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You can also just walk the drone around (props off) for the ground shots, because you keep the camera consistent, photos are all in one place and named accordingly, and you have the assistance of the gimbal if you need it.

EDIT: just saw the flash comment, and yeah manual drone carry doesn’t help with that at all.


You actually could, so long as OpenSfM recognizes the type of camera correctly (almost never) from the EXIF/XMP tags and you don’t override the camera model via ODM parameters.


i was going to use a samsung s9+
i believe its got geo tagging, well it logs where the photo has been taken on google maps,
but i’m unsure if the the phone picks up on elevation or orientation of the lens,
especially when i take pictures of the arch roof

I think most important is to have good/ consistent overlap between air and ground photos.
In order software to get enough tie point , transition should be smooth.

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Lol. Yes, this is where auto would be great!

Open Camera (an incredible FOSS camera app for Android) will also write the orientation information along with the typical geotag X/Y/Z, if you enable it in the settings.