Can't Start web ODM

I have started and processed 2 other projects, but now I can’t open Web ODM. It gets stuck here:

Hey @dwpeters123 :hand: perhaps you ran out of disk space (inside the docker container). I would recommend to uninstall the Docker application, then re-run WebODM Manager. This should reset the installation and let you start the program back again.

Getting stuck in the same place:

Did you try to restart your computer?

I have, several times.

If you open a Terminal app, and from there type these two commands:

docker stop $(docker ps -aq)
docker rm $(docker ps -aq)

Then restart WebODM Manager. Does it get unstuck?

That worked. Now, I have another problem. Sorry, thanks for the help. When I want to view a 3D model, Web ODM opens it in Safari. If I take the URL into Chrome, there is no problem. How do make WebODM open the 3d model in Chrome?

It could be a bug; could you report it on :pray: