Cant open app on MAC

Hi all,

I’m brand new to Web ODM and unfortunately I can’t even get off first base…

I purchased the WebODM Installer. I’ve put the app into my app folder as suggested but I cannot open it - I get the message saying that I don’t have permission to open it. This does appear to be an issue with the latest MAC OS so I’ve looked for solutions and I found this one: How to fix "you do not have permission to open the application "Game app", another easy solution - YouTube which suggests changing some of the code.

However, I was wondering if there is a better solution that the community has found?


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Sorry for the trouble.

I’m looking into this behavior with Piero but I don’t have an answer for you quite yet.

MacOS Gatekeeper gets more aggressive each update it seems, haha.

Could you please also reach out to [email protected] with the above so that I can support you via Remote Desktop if needed as well?

Hi, I’ve sent an email to you with a link to this thread.

I’ve tried changing things in the Terminal using to allow “any” apps but this has not worked. I still get the message saying not authorised


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Thanks, Simon!

We’re researching what is going on here, so we appreciate your continued patience, and apolgize for the disruption!

It’s possible that gatekeeper removed the executable permissions from the app since it was downloaded from the internet?

If you open a Terminal and type:

chmod 755 /Applications/WebODM\\ Manager

Are you able to run it?

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Thanks for the suggestion - Hmmm… tried and got this:
“WebODM Manager” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.
Chrome downloaded this file today at 10:49 from .

Not getting very far!

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I assume that re-downloading the app doesn’t fix it?

Are you running additional security software on your Mac by any chance?

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Hi, yes I’ve removed the app and reinstalled - same issue. No additional security. Not doing well so far…

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Sorted yay!!
I got in touch with support and resolved the problem. It seems both downloads that I did were corrupted for some reason - all good now, Happy!


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