Can't get nodes online for ClusterODM (Total Noob)

Hello there, I have followed the instructions on the ClusterODM page but I can’t get any nodes online. I’ve tried using both the docker image and the native form (node index.js). The strangest part for me is that NodeODM works fine by itself

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Make sure to use IP addresses that are reachable from inside the docker container (if you’re running ClusterODM with docker). E.g. don’t use “localhost”, which refers to the docker container itself, but rather a public/lan IP address.

Welcome to ODM! :raised_hand:

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Also: make sure that each runs on a different port if they’re hosted on the same machine. And make sure if you’re using docker to expose that port via docker.

thanks it worked!!

I tried again both on the same machine and on docker and both worked!
Thanks a lot


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