Can't complete a property map due to lack of features in a forested area

I am mapping a large property that has a forested area full of deciduous gray trees (just branches, no leaves) over brown dirt, with a few evergreens inbetween, and it’s impossible to align a lot of photos over that area. I even tried with Pix4d and Metashape with no success. I’m guessing the majority of mapping algorithms fail to see proper patterns in those photos? I wish there was an option to force the alignment through the GPS data at least.
I’ve already done two passes. One flying at 85m and one at 110m with a bit more overlap. The 110m pass did produce a bit better results cause it picks up more area per photo, but at least 20% of the photos are not aligned. Are there any custom settings I could adjust to help in this situation? Here are a few photos if anyone wants to try. not aligned

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Unfortunately, the solution in these cases usually ends up being to fly higher (more overlap) or fly a lot lower (more detail and more distinction between photos).


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