Cannot view point cloud , dsm den pictures thro'ODM cloud


Why is it that after processing the images thro’webodm cloud, I am not able to see the dense cloud our other 3 d images from the downloaded folder.

Browser and Operating System?

Google chrome and windows 8

I have processed the images usig webodm cloud . I have downloaded the 440 MB file but i can only see the orthomosiac photo. What about the other dense cloud and point cloud photos

The mesh and point clouds aren’t photos, they’re a different datatype. For mesh, you’ll likely have PLY or another format if you specified it, and for the point cloud, I think the default is LAS, though you can specify CSV among other options.

You’ll need appropriate viewers for those files.

Actually both these file types( mesh & point cloud) produce the 3d model of an image. It is a surprise that after giving providing output files, webodm cloud cannot produce the 3d image !

I think we misunderstood one another.