Cannot load GCP File

Hi all,

I am trying to upload a .csv delimited GCP file for a test project but after a few attempts I keep getting this message: Cannot upload Leigh Park WebODM.csv, exceeded max retries (10),

I can process the model without the GCP’s but it won’t let me add them retrospectively either. How do I get around this issue?

I only found one other topic with this error in the forum and it has not been answered.

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Are you able to post the file here so we can take a look at it?


Apologies as I am a new user the forum does not allow me to upload the file. I will however copy paste it’s content into this response sir. Apologies for how it looks but the values all sit underneath the respective headers for GCP Label, Y, X and Z. I will also try and obtain a screencapture of the error message I get and post that as a response to this thread.

GCP Label Y X Z
1 150460.712 386185.801 68.121
2 150433.74 386175.802 67.879
3 150421.51 386219.891 68.644
4 150460.046 386214.878 68.148
5 150458.326 386199.733 68.505
6 150476.712 386198.077 68.452
7 150441.208 386212.772 68.636
B 150450.116 386185.85 68.012

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This is the screen snip of the error I get when I try to upload the GCP.csv file

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If the above text you pasted represents exactly what is in your CSV, it makes sense the upload fails as it is not a traditional comma-separated CSV, but instead space-separated/delimited.

GCP Editor Pro gives us this warning:

Replacing spaces with commas indicates that this is still malformed:

Removing the “Label” column header fixes that:

I’m not super confident you surveyed at the North Pole, so I think either your Y or X values (maybe both?) are missing a sign to indicate South/West.

Here’s what the content of this CSV looks like:

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Thanks makes sense, North pole? It seems as though my X and Y values swapped round in the conversion from WGS84 to EPSG:27700 (OSGB36). Much appreciated. Will probably use the GCP editor in WebODM to make a GCP file that way I can be certain it will work.

Much appreciated


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