Cannot get correct y coordinates

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I am currently trying to convert some drone images to serv them over the web for a specific application. Currently I am generating the files with just the Option tiles: true

My problem is, that i cannot change the URL the consuming programm is using. I can only configure the main path of the URL. The Programm try’s to find the tiles based on {z}/{x}/{y}.png. But WebODM generates the Tiles in the Format {z}/{x}/{**-**y}.png.

Is there any option that I can change this Setting in WebODM and generate the files correctly for my programm?

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don’t know if I understand you correctly. But whenever I want to use tiles, I am using a small Python script called

It’s open source and it can generate a multitude of different tile patterns for different viewers.
You just feed it the GeoTIFF, but make sure to create the GeoTIFF in WebODM with the GSD that you actually want. GSD of 5.0cm is default, which is not “very” detailed depending on map size.

I love for it’s leaflet output, since that way I can easily share orthophotos on any webserver, even with extrem detail (very low GSD) and add measurements, comments etc.