Cannot find parameter "texturing_keep_unseen_faces" in WebODM afer update

Hey team,

I’m in the middle of a 3D printing project. I use the mesh models output by WebODM, but made the mistake of updating from an older version before processing data from my recent drone mission. By “mistake”, I just mean that older versions of WebODM included a parameter called “texturing_keep_unseen_faces”. When generating a mesh model from WebODM in the past, enabling this parameter as True is useful for creating a ‘water tight’ topographic surface necessary for outputting a 3D printable file. The “texturing_keep_unseen_faces” parameter doesn’t appear to be an available option in the updated version of WebODM.

Would it be possible to reintroduce this parameter into the project options during the next update to WebODM? Perhaps it’s been renamed/bundled with a similar parameter that I’ve skipped over? Or does it make more sense for me to install an older version of the application for using this option again? What can I try/test presently to work around this issue? (Screenshot of mesh model imported to Blender below. Holes to be filled, mostly under trees and buildings, highlighted in orange)


I’m open to surefire solutions and shots in the dark too.



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Amm, yep we removed it in our quest to simplify the number of options.

We just hadn’t heard about much use for this option (well here’s one!).

We could certainly re-add it. Would you be interested in contributing a pull request?


While I’m certainly interested in contributing a pull request (honestly, just looked up what ‘pull request’ means) I haven’t yet gone through the process of contributing one before.

BUT I can look into what I need to start on, very open to suggestions (to anybody reading this too). This could be a good exercise in coding/GitHub participation. Thank you for you quick response.

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You’re starting out like I did!

Piero linked you right to the commit (specific code change) that removed the option you want to put back.

You can look at the left and right sides (the diff) to find the lines of code that changed. Green and + means added, red and - means removed.

You’d then edit the file and put back the right parts that went missing.

Commits can be iterative, and you can resubmit, get reviews, comments, etc.


This one is a good start: GitHub - firstcontributions/first-contributions: 🚀✨ Help beginners to contribute to open source projects

You could look at the commit that removed the option, then simply reverse the parts/lines that add support for the keep unseen faces option.


Okay! I followed the instructions given in the first-contributions document and worked through pasting any body of code that referenced ‘texturing-keep-unseen-faces’. There 3 Python scripts in total: ‘opendm/’, ‘stages/’, and ’ stages/’. Please let me know if I totally messed something up, forgot to properly edit one of the scripts, or neglected to execute part of the pull request workflow.

Also, Saijin_Naib, thanks for the breakdown. It illuminated the goal of this particular case for a pull request (based on what I described). And pierotofy, thank you for that beginner’s pull request document. It made sense, or at least I think it made sense. Again, I’m happy to work through whatever needs to be done to reintroduce this feature.


Thanks for the pull request!


That’s so cool!


Thanks everyone for being extremely helpful. I immensely appreciate how responsive everybody was and smooth this process is in general. 10/10.


Congratulations on your first PR of many (hopefully)