Can you be in love with a lens?

Today I got a new lens, the Nisi 9mm for M43 and APS-C.

I’ve researched a wile for a good lens for photogrammetry and this one had great sharpness, low CA and very low coma.

Did a quick test today, handheld, and the result was great.


@ Saijin_Naib maybe something for you?

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I have a few Opteka lenses which, for the $50US each they cost me, I can’t be happier with. My biggest lens spend was for my Samyang 300M-FX-BK 300mm F6.3, which I’ve not attempted any data collection with yet :stuck_out_tongue:

That Nisi is way beyond my budget, haha.


Get a job as a surveyor in Stockholm Sweden, it’s very well paid.

I did sell my GoPro’s with gimbal to pay for the lens and I have tree more lenses for sale.