Can WebODM read files from Dropbox, Google Drive or similar service

Hi, I succesfully installed WebODM in an AWS-EC2 instance. As I have a lousy internet connection, have about 300 images to process per area (several areas), and my laptop has only 4Gb RAM, I would need to keep the instance running for several hours just to upload the images, option that I’d like to avoid because my budget is limited. Is it possible to read the images from dropbox or similar? When I tried, I couldn’t find a way of reading files outside my laptop. I’m using ubuntu16.04 and trying to estimate the vertical structure of the vegetation cover in central Argentina using a Phantom 4. Thanks

Hey @dgorla :hand: there’s been a similar request for Google Drive ( but none has had the time to implement it yet. If you are concerned about upload speed and cost, you could check out as an alternative to EC2.